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$1500 for Our #1 Affiliate

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We give 75% on our commissions and a 50% recurring commission as well.

After the contest if you manage to generate 5 unique sales we are going to reward you with $50 straight to your PayPal account. Promote our product and you will continue to make money on a monthly recurring billing. If you generate 100 sales you can earn 700$ automated money from us. Our refund rate is very low and it is almost 5% making us perfect for promotion. We make sure our members stay with us giving them the best value out there. . .

Huge Market



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Low Refund rate


Big Value

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5 - 15%

Funnel Friendly

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Big Potential


Benefit to You

Contest, Starts 1st December - Ends 31st January

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Click here to generate a unique affiliate url to promote Stoner Academy.

You can generate various hop links and promote it how ever you like. Add your unique affiliate user name to get things started and after that be amazed by the conversion and sales it's gonna bring.



Support and Tools.

If you want the bonus contact us on the support page with the affiliate username and PayPal account. Also this is not associated with ClickBank. This is a way of showing appreciation to our affiliates. Also access our tools or ask us for anything.



You are ready, voila!

If you don't know how to promote we can help you and show you some tips and tricks. Access our tools or message us and we will give you some guides and an e-book for promotion.


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