6. Generating Subscribers (5:55)

What shall we cover:

What’s To Come In The Video (00:00 – 01:58)

What does “Generating the subscriber” mean, and how you can generate them. It’s explained in this part.

Use Different Forms (01:59 – 02:55)

By using different forms for different situations you can put yourself in a position to better understand which forms work where. You can do some split tests to find out which form generates the most subscribers for the given situation.

Whenever you feel like your website does not need a landing page, you can always use a pop-up to gain subscribers and later on down the road promote them offers.

Keep in mind news sites usually don’t have landing pages, but they do have pop-ups.

Various Traffic Methods (02:56 – 04:21)

You can use various traffic methods to get more people to subscriber to your list. Traffic methods such as:

  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Facebook

Managing The Subscribers (04:39 – 05:55)

A little advice on what you should do to manage your subscribers better. What content to bring them, where to place them and such.