7. The Funnel (13:47)

What shall we cover:

What Is A Funnel (00:00 – 01:17)

A sales funnel is a marketing system. It’s the “ideal” process you intend your customers to experience as they go from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat Buyer. Essentially the funnel are the different stages your future client will go through in order to become your client.

Planning Out (01:18 – 02:59)

Decide what you want your campaign to achieve within the allocated budget, and also set realistic goals.

Be honest and answer these questions truthfully: “Why should anyone subscribe?” & “What’s in it for the subscriber?”

Figure out which brands are similar to yours and think of a way you can position yourself next to them.

Plan out which content you are going to use, and try to make it of the best quality. (First impressions are important)

Setting A High Standard (03:00 – 05:33)

With the first e-mail, what you want to do is set a really high standard.

The first e-mail should be a killer, and it should bring the most value out of all the next e-mails.

Try to be as consistent as possible with the value that you are giving.

Switch it up from time to time, and make the content relatable with your product (or offer).

If a person unsubscribes early in this phase, what that means is that they lack interest in what your product offers.

Build Familiarity (05:34 – 07:23)

Give them a taste of what your product offers from time to time, so that they don’t get shocked when you pitch them.

Tell them about the benefits they will receive if they continue being your subscriber.

Try to solve the needs that your target audience has because that is how they will truly start to trust you.

Encourage them to write to you so that they can get to know you personally. (If you have multiple subscribers, what you can do is host a live Q&A webinar)

Videos are really useful, and efficient so be sure to use them in your funnel.

Who Is Interested (07:24 – 08:43)

Figure out who is truly interested about what you are offering.

Take them through different funnels, if the E-mail service provides such an option.

If someone is not interested, try to get their attention and send them some questions on why they are willing to unsubscribe.

Be Patient (08:44 – 09:20)

Don’t be scared to run a marathon.

The more value you give in the long run, the higher your chances are of completing a sale.

Fight the urge of leaching value in the early stages of the funnel.

Make That Sale (09:21 – 10:35)

When you are asking them to buy something from you, you ask them directly. You don’t go about it trying to pretend like you’re offering value when really you are trying to make a sale. The period of giving value is done, now it’s time to get the sale.

Build A Relationship (10:36 – 11:42)

Increase costumer lifetime value.

Ask customers for feedback and suggestions, then make improvements in your products or services.

Fight the urge of leaching value in the early stages of the funnel.

If they didn’t buy, ask them if it’s possible for them to explain why.

Don’t send too many messages, make sure that every message that you send is full of value in some shape or form for your costumer.

Loyalty & Advocacy (11:43 – 13:47)

Delight and spoil your costumers.

Get new costumers through recommendations.

Ask your costumers for a review and offer a gift in return.

Design an affiliate program for your costumers so that they can make money as well.

Make loyalty and advocacy the main goals of your social media strategy.