8. Can Spam Act & Final Advice (13:33)

What shall we cover:

Can Spam Act (00:00 – 03:20)

Important information on the “Can Spam Act”, this is a law that you should not break because it will cost you money. Pay close attention to this part!

Some Set Of Rules (03:21 – 11:37)

  1. Opting In (You should receive your costumers consent before you start mailing away) (Aweber)
  2. Don’t Use False or Misleading Information
  3. Don’t Use Deceptive Subject Lines
  4. Identify The Message As An Ad (If It Is)
  5. Tell Recipients Where You’re Located
  6. Tell Recipients How To Opt Out Of Receiving Future Emails From You
  7. Honor Opt-Out Requests Promptly

Final Advice (11:38 – 13:33)

Final advice for this e-mail marketing series. This advice comes from the heart, and it can really set you apart from all the other marketeers.