2. E-Mail Marketing Services (4:54)

What shall we cover:

An Intro On What Is To Come (00:00 – 00:22)

What you can expect to see in this video.

What Is An E-Mail Marketing Service (00:23 – 02:19)

We define an e-mail marketing service as a service that provides you the ability to send multiple messages to multiple receivers almost instantly. In this part of the video we explain a little more in depth about what these services can do, and what are the pros of using them.

Why You Should Use G-Mail (02:20 – 02:58)

The main reason for this is because most e-mail marketing services are compatible with g-mail. It’s best to use g-mail so that you don’t have a problem with the service from the get-go.

Can Spam Act (02:59 – 04:04)

In this part we talk about the law that prohibits you from spamming people. This is punishable by law, and we don’t want you to get in trouble. Pay attention to this part so that you don’t have to pay money somewhere else.

The 3 Services (04:05 – 04:54)

In this final part we talk about the 3 best, and most used services.

  1. Mail Chimp
  2. Aweber
  3. GetResponse

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